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Hiatus of sorts

Well not that I post much anyway.

Things keeps escalating and each time we call about the “refund” we’ve been waiting months and months for keeps getting pushed back for whatever reason and we cannot force these things. We’ve sold everything we can sell without it hindering us severely.

I’m not asking for anything. I’m not taking on more commissions since I physically can’t without stressing myself out to the point of being sick.

I’m  just going to take a break and focus my efforts on what I can feebly do about our situation. I’m tired. My chest hurts. And I can’t do anything about it.

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3/3 commission for Sudrien!

Who needs a spine when you can be pretty damn good with yoga?
This one is a personal favorite of mine. I had to do some searching for a good pose.

I wanted to get them all done before posting! Sorry for the wait. :u

2/3 commission for Sudrien~
Roxy in Carapace clothing. One of my favorites and I’m happy with how it came out.

1/3 commissions for Sudrien.

This one is a follow up picture for this picture

Throwing this up here to show I’m not dead. Still workin’ on comms (waiting for 3 pictures to be looked over before finishing) and one more after that. Sorry for taking so long by the way!

The past week has been extremely stressful and having to deal with a pet death this morning wasn’t fun either. Just all around been feeling like crud so I decided to draw Tearen a little as a cheer up for m’self.

Cilomancer’s Pony OC Hearts Boxcars

I had a lot of fun with this! Thank you!


First set of dailies from June.

June was an exhausting month with so much work and stressed piled on. I’m not entirely happy with how a lot of these turned out, but that was cause I was trying to cram in so much during freelance and a lot of person issues during June. That and I was feeling super insecure about my art.

July’s a new month so hopefully it won’t be so stressful!

Enjoy! :3

(FYI: Commissions are being carried over to August since July’s full up with work and traveling. I’ll try to incorporate some commissions into July’s dailies but don’t hold me to that claim.)

;u; Oh god this is a surprise thank you so much!

Goblin girl commission for Kento Sharp.

Chugging away on comms, but I’m putting up my list of people here.

1)Kento Sharpe - Goblin girl (sketching)
2)Sudrien - 3 Homestuck related pictures (not started)
3)Cilomancer - MLP OC (not started)
4)Eucep -  Batwench (not started)

Thank you guys again. I’m going to enjoy working on these ;u;

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Considering my last reblog, this is likely not a appropriate time to put this up here. But  I dunno when I’ll get to finish this.

Birthday gift for GK since her birthday is today.



Alright folks,  Given that a huge financial bomb has dropped onto me as soon as I woke up this morning, I need to open up emergency commissions.

I’m not going into deep details but credit cards which should’ve had plenty of money on it are maxed out, we currently are running off fumes till a much awaited refund check comes in and we don’t know how many weeks it’s going to be till we get that in. 

I’ve been unable to find a job in so long that each passing month has become more and more impossible. But, hey, I blame no
one but me in that department.

With my hat in one hand and tablet pen in the other, I’m dropping open emergency commissions to at least HELP with the burden.
I live here, and I’d very much like to continue to live here.

That said! I’m offering the following.

Single person full body with simple or no backgrounds.

$10 sketches
[sample] [sample] [tag]

$20 lines
[sample] [sample

$25-ish flat
[sample] [sample]

$30 shaded (Depends on the detail of shading.)
One layer:[sample] [sample]

What I can do:

-Fan characters
-Original Characters
-Monster Dudes/Girls

What I can’t do:
-Furries (Characters with animal ears/tails are fine)
-ornate/overly detailed armor and designs. (I would need to get these done reasonably fast)
-Most kinks and fetishes. (Feel free to ask me on what I am comfortable with doing! I do not judge.)
-Real Life people

Given the situation, I’m looking to get these done within a reasonable amount of time so people aren’t waiting weeks to
months for their pictures.


-Paypal only.

-Please only contact me if you’re 100% serious about commissioning me.

-My email is dmscv2@yahoo.com. Please let me know in the e-mail header you’re a commissioner! Feel free to drop me an ask to let me know you’ve sent an e-mail. c:

-Please state what sort of commissions you want! I need to know what to charge accordingly.

-Please provide me with a tumblr/twitter username (If you have one!) so I can tag it accordingly when posting.(you’ll also be
e-mailed the full size once done)

-Cash upfront and no haggling. The prices you see are what I’m offering.

- Please send picture references if you’re able to! I work faster going off a visual image than I can with a written description.

Once I can confirm payment I’ll get started right away.

Your commission should be finished within 1-3 weeks of me confirming payment.

Progress sketches will be sent to ensure you’re getting 100% what you’re paying for. 

All finished pictures/sketches will be posted on my tumblr unless told otherwise.

(Slots 0 of ???)

I’ll close commission slots once I feel I’ve got enough to tackle.

Thanks again for reading!

I’ve gotta bring this back up again. We’ve been able to skate by so far with selling vehicles, personal possessions, and cutting back severely on everything we possibly can. The refund check we’re waiting on still hasn’t arrived and we cannot wait much longer. I’ve been in a constant state of panic most of the day due to this.

We’re on a deadline to pay A MUCH NEEDED bill and if we cannot do it, I don’t know what to say.

I’ve made some changes to the commission list, also. NSFW has been nix’d due to not having the sufficient privacy lately. 

I really hate I have to do this but I’m left with little to no choice right now. 

If you just want to donate, there’s a donation button on the side of my blog. If you don’t, that’s cool. Just you reading is extremely appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time. You have no idea how much I appreciate everything people have done for me so far.

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I am way too tired to explain myself.

New twitter icon because my friends are buttholes.

Bluring counts right..?