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First time coloring something completely with this new tablet. 

I love this game so much, you have no idea.

A good friend of mine recently sent me their spare tablet since my old one was worse for wear. (I literally had to beat it to get it to register my pen)

it’s a vast upgrade to my last one and it’s taking a lot of getting used to.

BUT, here is a drawing of my robot waifu from Phantasy Star 4.

Decided to do a bonus picture for Eucep since I honestly took longer on his commission than I should have. 

Plus I liked her design a lot.

Commission for  Eucep! 

His character dressed similar to Sailor Moon~

Was poking at his off an on between comm work.  Decided to finish it while waiting for color approval.

I think I chilled out enough that I can get back to cracking on the last commission I have.

Thank you guys for everything. While we’re not 100% out of the woods. Hopefully sometime things’ll improve. But thank you.

Also drew some dumb dog that I really like because I just needed to draw something for me.

3/3 commission for Sudrien!

Who needs a spine when you can be pretty damn good with yoga?
This one is a personal favorite of mine. I had to do some searching for a good pose.

I wanted to get them all done before posting! Sorry for the wait. :u

2/3 commission for Sudrien~
Roxy in Carapace clothing. One of my favorites and I’m happy with how it came out.

1/3 commissions for Sudrien.

This one is a follow up picture for this picture

Throwing this up here to show I’m not dead. Still workin’ on comms (waiting for 3 pictures to be looked over before finishing) and one more after that. Sorry for taking so long by the way!

The past week has been extremely stressful and having to deal with a pet death this morning wasn’t fun either. Just all around been feeling like crud so I decided to draw Tearen a little as a cheer up for m’self.

Cilomancer’s Pony OC Hearts Boxcars

I had a lot of fun with this! Thank you!


First set of dailies from June.

June was an exhausting month with so much work and stressed piled on. I’m not entirely happy with how a lot of these turned out, but that was cause I was trying to cram in so much during freelance and a lot of person issues during June. That and I was feeling super insecure about my art.

July’s a new month so hopefully it won’t be so stressful!

Enjoy! :3

(FYI: Commissions are being carried over to August since July’s full up with work and traveling. I’ll try to incorporate some commissions into July’s dailies but don’t hold me to that claim.)

;u; Oh god this is a surprise thank you so much!

Goblin girl commission for Kento Sharp.

Chugging away on comms, but I’m putting up my list of people here.

1)Kento Sharpe - Goblin girl (sketching)
2)Sudrien - 3 Homestuck related pictures (not started)
3)Cilomancer - MLP OC (not started)
4)Eucep -  Batwench (not started)

Thank you guys again. I’m going to enjoy working on these ;u;

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