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I’m not even trying anymore at this point. I wanted to draw something cute.

Been trying to break some art block/angst I’ve been dealing with. Also trying to find a method of drawing I like and, you know, stick with it. I flip flop how I draw way too much sometimes.



Sometimes you wanna classy a fucker up.

Yeah but he still smells

Sometimes you wanna classy a fucker up.

So there was this huge master reference post  somewhere on tumblr that helps people get a better idea of how to draw duders.

So I’m givin’ it a shot.

Fuck plaid.

A quick break from drawing ponies. Ai’zure continues to be a fucker.


Time to draw stupid shit.

Okay the Daisy on the left is from a couple days ago, but the one on the right is new.

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So I was bored and decided to draw some of my OCs like GK’s fish peoples.

Ai’Zure and Deen because the body type difference makes me smile.

I just made these to make myself a new tumblr background.

I was gonna mimic the Disgaea coloring till I said “fuck it” halfway through and did my own generic version of it.

Someone remind me why I thought trying to color this way was a good idea.

I wish I can do that Disgaea style better. Ahwell, this was fun in any case.

Heaven help me I cannot anatomy for bullshit. /flips table

But fuck the police, I needed to draw Selfcest again.