Hello, my name is Sarah.

Picture by Mookie000
I post random things from fan art to original characters. All NSFW art goes to my NSFW blog. Enjoy your stay!
.:Art and such:.
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Spent most of my morning on these. Not sure how I want to lay them out right now. Or even finish it past this point. :X

 I just needed to draw muh girls.

A quick Agnes reference since I’ve gotten people asking about her.

First off, she has no arms. Her enchanted scarf serves as surrogate arms for her.
Despite the fact I draw her with one eye, she has two! Think of her hair like a pixel sprite. If you flip her around, it’d be the same look on that side.

I think I chilled out enough that I can get back to cracking on the last commission I have.

Thank you guys for everything. While we’re not 100% out of the woods. Hopefully sometime things’ll improve. But thank you.

Also drew some dumb dog that I really like because I just needed to draw something for me.

Two sketch commissions for choark! I had tons of fun doing these~

Still plurging away.

I totally didn’t just remember today was Demon Girl Appreciation Day.

I’ll work on this somemore. Just wanted to get the WIP up for now.

Wanted to draw nagas but unsolicited friendships work too.


Since I was drawing Agnes in a tophat (since she’s my current Icon) I decided to thow a doodle  did earlier today in aswell.

Been feeling kinda blah since this morning so I tried to cheer myself up.

I was in the mood to draw but didn’t know what I wanted to draw. So have Deeum as a D3 Crusader.

I’ve been playing way to much Diablo 3.

I have no excuse for this other than my friends were doing mouth stomachs.

So GK was feeling the SADS lately. 
Many doodle Zees happened.

I said I was going to bed but my hand told me “no”.

Wanted to draw moooore Agnes.

Seems like it’s Witch Week? Or am I super late for that?
Its a good excuse to draw my dear Agnes.

Sketching to distract m’self from some things.

Sorry for the bright eye bleeding sketches. I just used whatever color was already selected and doodled some. Didn’t really feel like changing the colors before posting.