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I post random things from fan art to original characters. All NSFW art goes to my NSFW blog. Enjoy your stay!
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So Tessen and I decided to do a joint icon thing because all the cool kids are doing it.

I was gonna do the messy base sketch and Tess was gonna outline and color. (I am so sorry)

Isabelle and Ai’zure do not get along. At all.

So it’s my turn to ruin characters.
Anyhow, this is for Tessen ‘cause she’s super sweet to me and has been having a pretty rough week.  Hope you like it!


I keep telling myself I’ll stop butchering other people’s characters and then I don’t?

Jasper is Deeum’s, Isabelle/Jesebeth is mine

Just gonna.
Reblog this.

Ahhh You draw him so adorably! Thank you~

Lack of art lately.



I’m going to be straight with you guys.
I’ve been playing WAY TOO MUCH  WoW lately and kinda haven’t drawn in a while. I’m gonna have to break that habit soon and get back into drawing once a day.

Have this thing I did because I’ve lost every ounce of control in my life:

10 minute doodle because I wanted to take one of my OCs and troll them up a bit. I probably should’ve went with a dark red blood for him, but fuck everything. I wanted to sea troll something.

Is this what we’re doing now, can this be a thing, turning our OCs into trolls?

That awkward moment when you realize your OC as a troll looks like an altblood Aradia…

Demon OCs make for good trolls.
I’d do one of my other ones, but shes basically my fantrol personality wise.
(She’s adorable by the way!)

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