Hello, my name is Sarah.

I post random things from fan art to original characters. All NSFW art goes to my NSFW blog. Enjoy your stay!
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I wanted to make my eyes bleed.

You can imagine the aggravated snarl.

Too tired to function and to fight with this. Also changed the wording because It dawned it me the last one was basically Best Friends Forever 4 NEVER. and that seemed kinda strange.

Wanted to draw nagas but unsolicited friendships work too.


Woooow no sleeep stilll.

Drew this yesterday but I didn’t like some parts of it. Buuuut since it was too hot to sleep,  I decided to fix the things bothering me with it. :V May color later. 

Since I was drawing Agnes in a tophat (since she’s my current Icon) I decided to thow a doodle  did earlier today in aswell.

Got bored and decided to do “palette swaps” based different characters (Like in Skullgirls!) for Ai’zure.

I just wanted to do the two. I’m sure I could’ve done better, but it was a first time experiment~

Been feeling kinda blah since this morning so I tried to cheer myself up.

I was in the mood to draw but didn’t know what I wanted to draw. So have Deeum as a D3 Crusader.

I’ve been playing way to much Diablo 3.

I have no excuse for this other than my friends were doing mouth stomachs.

So GK was feeling the SADS lately. 
Many doodle Zees happened.

Witch Week/Witchsona stuff has REALLY inspired me to draw Agnes more.
This took me several days because I wanted to take my time on everything.

Inking brought to you by listening to Magic Users Club and Kiki’s Delivery Service music.