Hello, my name is Sarah.

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I post random things from fan art to original characters. All NSFW art goes to my NSFW blog. Enjoy your stay!
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Bouncers are still fun.

I reaallly need to buckle down and draw more because posting a couple times a month is pretty sad.
I managed to  slap this together to get my mind off things considering what happened several days ago. If y’all follow me on twitter, you’ll know. Don’t feel up to mentioning it here.

Anyway, been rubbing my ass on PSO2 lately and am quite enjoying the new bouncer class.

Basically don’t tell me stuff in MMOs. They’ll give me ideas.

A quick Agnes reference since I’ve gotten people asking about her.

First off, she has no arms. Her enchanted scarf serves as surrogate arms for her.
Despite the fact I draw her with one eye, she has two! Think of her hair like a pixel sprite. If you flip her around, it’d be the same look on that side.

I spent 2 hours on the background just to hate it and make transparent.
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Figured I should post something. Trying to do the art thing again.

Throwing this up here to show I’m not dead. Still workin’ on comms (waiting for 3 pictures to be looked over before finishing) and one more after that. Sorry for taking so long by the way!

The past week has been extremely stressful and having to deal with a pet death this morning wasn’t fun either. Just all around been feeling like crud so I decided to draw Tearen a little as a cheer up for m’self.

I am way too tired to explain myself.

New twitter icon because my friends are buttholes.

Bluring counts right..?


Made it in time for Demon Girl Appreciation Day. 

I totally didn’t just remember today was Demon Girl Appreciation Day.

I’ll work on this somemore. Just wanted to get the WIP up for now.

Slapped colors on this thing finally.
Also minimal shading/highlighting because I’m the laziest of shits.